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Transcript: 221- Reno John Sober Speak Live Part 1

Reno John SS Live Part 1 Final

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but also collects anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous is one drunk sharing with another. That's what a is is one drunk sharing with another. When that happens that's the magic car deal

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Well, hello friends of Bill Debbie and other friends you have landed on sober speak. My name is John M. I am an alcoholic. And we are glad you're all here especially newcomers, newcomers that is both to recovery as a whole and newcomers to this podcast. Sober speak is a podcast about recovery centered around the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. My job here on sober speak is simple. My job is to provide a platform to the amazing stories of recovery all around us. Consider sober speak, if you will, your meeting between meetings. Please remember, we do not speak for a or any 12 Step community. We represent only ourselves. We are here to share our experience, strength and hope with those who wish to come along for the ride. Take what you want, and leave the rest at the curb for the trash man to pick up from Studio A deep in the heart of Texas. That was the voice of Mr. Reno John A the you heard at the beginning of this episode, and you will be hearing so much more from him and Uno momento on this here, episode number two to one dos dos uno of sober speak. But first things first, this episode is being brought to you by Joshua and Jason. And Audrey and Mary Lynn and Laura and Derek, what you may ask did Joshua and Jason and Audrey and Mary Lynn and Laura and Derek do well, let me fill you in. They went to our website, www dot sober They clicked on the little yellow donate tab and they made a contribution. So thank you so much, Joshua, Jason Adrie, Mary Lynn, Laura and Derek, this episode is coming right out to humans. I, John M, will indeed be the chairperson. For this meeting between meetings, I am just another Bozo on the bus. And I am truly honored and privileged to serve all of you listening in. So take a seat if you will, around this virtual table. And let's get started. Remember, no matter who you are, or what your past looks like, you are welcome here. It is an open table and we are so glad you have joined us. What do I have this week? Ah, gosh, not my Oh, I do want to give a little shout out if you will, to

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a group who asked me to come in and do a little telling of my story over zoom. And really had a good time with them here recently in this group is called the by the book group. As summer D put out the invite for me to come in and tell my story. And this this group by the book originated from the COVID-19 mandates and no contact. And it's a homebrew for a lot of people. And it consists of people living all over the 50 states and many others internationally and they call themselves bee tee bee and I heard him saying that many times during the meeting when I was there I was like what is BTB in any way it is by the book and I just want to say thank you all so much I really enjoyed spending time with you recently. If you are not in the a sober speak a secret, a Facebook group and you would like to be there. We would love to have you as part of that crowd. Just go on to your Facebook application you own and look up secret Hold on, let me get destroyed. I always get this wrong. There's so many S's in here. You know, it's like saying when you say that thing, like you know she sells she sells by the seashore or whatever. And you get mixed up and you were what does that call it alliteration I believe? Nonetheless, you would go to Facebook and you would look up Secret, excuse me, sober speak, secret group, and you go in there and there's like a little, you know, just click on a little tab and it says, you know, be asked to be invited into this group, the bar is very low, just go in there and ask to be invited in and we will get you in there. Alright, so this, ladies and gentlemen, is Mr. Reno, John live and we cover a variety of topics, I'm sure you're going to enjoy this, just so you know, you'll hear on the front end of this one. So this was our live show, we had some live music by Mary Lynn B, and Tony D. And they actually play three songs on the front. I'm gonna play two songs this week. And then I'm gonna play their other song. Next week when we get together for the second part of this, what would you call it a series mini series I very many like two episodes, basically. So when we get together next week, I'm going to have a part two of this and we'll play another one of Maryland B and Tony's song songs here. And if you want to access more of Marilyn B's music, she is on Spotify. And I'm going to put a link to her music in the show notes. You can click on that and listen to her. She has some great songs on Spotify. In fact, it is there are 12 songs, right, like 12 steps, and they're all about recovery. And I just know that you will enjoy them. So enjoy Reno, John A, on our first part one of sober speak live. And we'll have the next episode next week. And we will have plenty Oh, listener feedback at the end of this episode. Enjoy. Okay, everybody, if you would, please go ahead and take a seat. We're just going to have some music on the front end, it's going to be Marilyn B and Tony D. Let's give them a big round of applause


So Friday night in Frisco, right? Live, we're gonna be fantastic. This is great, we got a good group of people. So my name is Mary Lynn. And this is Tony. And I wrote some songs about recovery. And we just wanted to play a couple of them and get this party started. So I moved here to Frisco, about a year ago from Southern California and everyone has been so welcoming to me and I've just had such a great time. I know a lot of you guys in the room. So that's awesome that we get to have this time together and slowly it came out that I started people started knowing that I played guitar and I write songs so I haven't really done it in a long time. Because I was busy you know taking care of my kids and stuff like that and I just kind of put it off and now my kids are out of the house and have their own life and everything so I have more time to play guitar and play and I've been asked by different people to do this so it's really an honor and I'm very humbled to be a part of this and and to share this music with you because it's really cool how we can share a message through a wow was his thing Thursday say hello welcome to and we knew something was going to happen soon. His bloodshot eyes filled with he he told the court had Santa me when the cops arrested in a blow up on long


one never got keep coming. So we would say hey, go to 90 meetings in 90 day.


Day after day, walk through the door Something never never saw before had a smile on his face hey he laughed out loud and said God's grace G coming any meetings in nanty Now that's again oh my god do you stay keep coming Xavi Wednesday go to 90 meetings in 90 day good oh my gosh, Alan takes a lot out of me right. So I've also had the great pleasure of sharing this song in a couple of different women's retreats in different places and lately and last I got to do for a fundraiser for the Women's International Conference. It's coming in Dallas. And so it was a big huge honor to do that. And this song's called in these rooms if you go down to the corner your fan building on array you will hear people laughing they meted eight every night and you can have a cup of coffee you can sit down and relax and when me eating is oh they will say keep coming back in these rooms in these rooms I had care step by step day by day in these rooms our long stay never thought this would happen why was not expecting this it but I love to see those 12 two editions oh and my man starts to get quiet when someone reads chapter five then I start to get grateful that thing got nice go in these rooms Step by Step day by day in these rooms our launch day high no never low in these rooms and about friendship in these rooms day by day in these rooms how long launch day and these Hey make me cry

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Well hello everybody my name is John M I'm an alcoholic and welcome to sober speak live

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glad to see all y'all thank you so much for coming out to remind us of why we are here and to focus our thoughts on that purpose we ask that all who would care to join in a moment of silent meditation followed by the Serenity Prayer serenity prayer, God, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I like that shout out to God by that puppy there. That's fantastic. I love it. That respect for those sharing please, please silence your cell phones for the duration of the meeting. Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience strength and hope with each other, that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for a membership we are self supporting through our own contributions. A is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution does not wish to engage in any controversy. Neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and to help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. This is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, which means anyone can attend here at sober speak live we offer desire chip, we offer a desire chip, which is an outward symbol of an inward desire, an inward desire to stay sober for 124 hour period. Do we have anybody attending their very first a meeting? Who would like to try our way of life? Yes, sir.

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What's your name? Yeah, that's


not my first meeting. But this is a renewal.

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I understand. We're so glad you're here. Jeff. Thanks for joining us

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a renewal I like that. Is there anybody else who is returning to the program? Who would like to start over again with unfresh desire chip? If you are new to aorta recovery, please see the new comer chair people who are yes Cindy is going to be the new power chair version for the woman Thank you Cindy. Appreciate it. And for the man we got Mr. Chip. Yeah, you Mr. Chair. Appreciate that.

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Hey what's your name? My name chip ship. Okay, so what we're gonna do tonight, just so everybody knows in just a moment, we're gonna have Reno John up here. And then we're We're gonna have a q&a session session with him and and then we're gonna have on the second part of this, I want to shut my trap up and let you guys ask the questions. So if you're watching us on facebook live out there which I know there are a lot of people watching those right now. If you're watching us via Facebook and you want to submit a question, just go to the chat and submit your question and Sara will be back there reading those questions the John A write in for the rest of you are here. If you want to submit a question, we have folks that have index cards can you raise your hand if you got to index cards for the folks Okay, we got Cindy Jason Joan blow no Katrina and Amy over there. They're gonna have index cards in they'll pass them out to you and you can write your question on the index card and then we'll submit that to John for to answer Okay. All right, everybody. Please without further ado, help me welcome Reno John.

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Welcome, Reno,

Reno John A 21:05

thank you. Well, first

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thing I want to ask you is about your name. I name Yeah. Well, no, not that. You Your moniker, I guess is what we call it. Reno John, where did Reno John come from?

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When I I got sober in Reno, Nevada. And I moved to Dallas in 83. As a year and a half sober. Dallas North was within walking distance of where I was staying. So I just watched the Dallas North small group at that time, would have maybe eight to 12 people in a meeting. Friday night was our big meeting because it was joint meeting of Al Anon we have 30 people at that meeting. And although it was a small group we had a lot of John's Yeah, we had we had stand up John CEMET come in they say hasn't been seen John and they say what's John? I said well, Reno John because I came from Reno but we had stand up John stand up when they call on him to share he couldn't sit down he had to get up and walk around our waiter John he waited tables you know he's still around he's still around you got like 50 years sober and and then the waiter right? Yeah, I still waiting still waiting tables. Goes to oh, that now. I mean, I mean no jumper we had a lot of that was when names. Why like premier BK. Jamie is the premier step speaker in the Metroplex. We had a lot of monitors. We had a course Dorothy was Canadian dry because she moved down from Canada. We had biker Ray, can you draw a bike? We had crazy Carol, we used to call our California caribou fan actually just crazy. So we call her crazy. We had dumpster bail.

John M 22:54

Okay, dumpster Ville. Why was dumpster vehicle dumpster Bill

Reno John A 23:00

shouldn't tell this. I'm going he tells us all I can tell him. But dumpster man has last drunk. He was in his apartment. And it was his drug dealer. And he had a quarter tequila and a whole bunch of cocaine. And his drug meter old didn't die. And so what do you do when you got a whole bunch of cocaine and a quarter tequila? You finish that cocaine and tequila. Three days later, he runs out of cocaine and tequila but the guy's still dead. And so bail rolled him up in a rug he had and came out and put him in a dumpster the neighbors sign and call the cops the cops came by and he founded by they arrested him as they ran them investigate he didn't have any drugs they didn't have any alcohol they're the only make a charge bill with was abused to a corpse he said man he said nobody mess with me in jail. Word went out you know what he's in your for abuse to a corpse. We had dumpster bill we had we had borderline Kevin had borderline written on his license plate. But he got that name because when he was going to treatment they said he was borderline schizophrenic. So he put borderline on his license plate. And we had bad bruise bad Bruce was angry. Mad Bruce would throw chairs. I was just at a meeting Hitsville chairs around and swearing getting from out of the meeting. So we had all those guys and all those guys are sober today. With the exception of one which one do you think in sober that dumpster man he got so straight man. He quit. He quit smoking. You know he lost we got married moved up the debt. Now he's living over and I think Missouri Arkansas somewhere over there like that dumpster mass feels sober today. Borderline Kevin that he died 11 years sober, one of my best friends. He got he got on a health kick. And he would work out twice a week, twice a day, you know, and he and he had a lot of mirrors in his house so we could look at himself. I'm gonna tell he told me this. Very few people know this about Kevin. But he said he had a lot of mirrors in his bedroom. He was single guy had a lot of mirrors in his bedroom. He said I had taken down. I said, Why? Because I was too busy looking at myself. When he was having sex, took him down. We had and of course, he had it. He got it. Varicose Vein removed as outpatient surgery and the doctor messed up and he bled to death and died. 11 years sober, terrible tragedy. You got one day we got today. That's what we got. Of course, Dorothy can rise sober. She's just as loud mouth as she ever was. And she's wonderful. I love Dorothy. Crazy Carol. Married microarray. So they got married. They're still sober today. The only guy that didn't get sober, that kept going out was bad, Bruce, because he never could get rid of the resentments. You know, and that's what it says the number one problem we have is, there's a resentment. We got to figure out a way to get rid of those resentments. Bruce never could do it. He went out and he come back in, went out, come back. But he helped me. Because when I was coming here, I was going down North, and I'd go to the media back home or moonwalk home. He took me a long time in his car, went down to a dance a town north and we're coming back and he said, You know, I never come to TAF. He's with us. That was the local coffee coffee shop. You don't come to cafes with us. And I said, Well, nobody invited me go to the coffee, cuz you're in a you don't need to be invited. And so I started going to taffy and that's when I joined the group, you know, the meeting acts and meetings what what it was all about back then. And so he gave that to me and and it was wonderful. And he and he didn't make it. He never came back when I went out went out kept coming in and out and then finally died. So that happened. That's that's where the name renal John comes? There's gonna be a very few questions answered in this. Yeah.

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I've got index cards for the questions. I don't think we're gonna get very far. See how easy my job is. I just ask where do you get your name and then shut up. So we're right around Christmas time, right Thanksgiving between Thanksgiving and Christmas right now. And you know, a lot of the people in the we have a lot of those meetings this time of year about Christmas and you know what to do during the holidays and all that kind of stuff? Do you have like a famous or a favorite Christmas or a particular type of Christmas story you'd like to share?

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That I think most most the time the first Christmas you have sober it's pretty important. You know, they told me they said he had to have the first day of everything. So you have to have your first birthday sober. Your first anniversary if you're married sober your first Halloween when you don't get drunk. You know. I loved Halloween all the girls dressed up like hookers, you know, it was wonderful. And and my first my first Christmas I got sober in October, October 7 of 1981. And I was in treatment. I got a treatment first December that sober in Salt Lake City road back to Reno, Nevada. I got back there. And my first Christmas was that Christmas in 81. And what had happened was, I was going to one meeting a week because I didn't you know I've been to treatment and then treatment. We they took us out for one meeting a week. So that was my program. I did one meeting a week. And I'd go to the main stag meeting on Thursday night. And then why don't we talk? What's really really was their mistake, you know, not letting me talk. But I would go down there and it wouldn't let me share the interrupting the first time I tried to share and I kept going back because it became clear to me these guys were talking. They couldn't even introduce themselves. Right. Some of them. They did not give you the last initial. Say my name is John I'm alcoholic. My group they gave last initial you're supposed to give your last initial, you know some of them gave your last name there. My name is John. All right, I'm out. Oh my god. What does he think anonymous means? I know at first glance, I can look them up in the phonebook. Terrible. Mayor, they share we never shared in the meeting I went to we they just introduced themselves and you would say I'm drawing I'm out like I'll pass because the sooner you get out of the meeting, you go back to your room. So nobody shared. And these guys were sharing. They were talking I don't know what they were talking about. That's what we talked about in treatment. And it became clear these these guys have not been cretin. And that's when I thought I got to my thought I'd qualify I thought I'd share my interview I didn't realize that my name is John A and I'm an alcoholic. And then I qualified I said guys, I just got creepin over Salt Lake City. I have the latest most up to date medical psychological. That's when Red Chairman cut me off. So thank you, John. Brown that sky son of a bitches jealous. That Ben quit calm to win, let me talk. And so I'm down there. Growing one meal a week. Some writers like watching paint drives just boring and long. I thought man Hi. I'd go to one go to these a meetings and I'm down there at my admin stagnating surge and it was it was Christmas Eve. I'm down there not sharing but they announced that that at that Christmas eve party they said now tomorrow's Christmas. You have nowhere to go for Christmas you go to the dryers club skidrow clubhouse on Wall Street still there are the dryers club. Free Chris allanon is going to fix it. I want to know where to go so I go to the outlet clubhouse and found it ate it was good it's free I'm not I'm not buying anything I'm sitting there drinking a cup of coffee smoking a cigarette just minding my own business not bothered anybody old timers spotted me you know when they spot you? I swear to god their eyes glaze over you know. Newcomer Yeah. And they start to salivate honestly. They start to salivate and I started getting me started walking over to her mouth oh god who's this guy? He's not my kind of he's old guy. fat old guy. Big Nose funny hair not that cool guys this guy is not cool. He comes on introduces himself his name's dawn he tells me is the coordinator intergroup I don't know what that is but I thought I'm glad they found something for you to do so I'm talking to Don they became clear after just a few minutes Don had not been treatment Tristar till dawn about a bat it seems that learning treatment center he gets a funny look on his face. This is a lot of Go To Meeting with me tonight. And I said well Don, it's Friday. I go Thursday's men stagnant. He's we had a meeting every night in Reno. And in that short time that I've been going to a I'd heard about spiritual as a spiritual program is a spiritual deal. I heard that I thought okay, it's spiritual program. It's Christmas. I got twice this week won't hurt.

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For don don comes gets me we got State Hospital. We got a meeting on Friday at State Hospital. Get out there to give me a raffle ticket. The raffle off a big book. And although I have a great mind, I am a real good student. I had forgot to get a big book didn't have a big book. I said okay, it's Christmas. Spiritual program. I'm winning the book god I'm looking at here's how to book got to be the only guy that I'm one of the book. God is gonna let me win the book tonight. I'm winning the book. I want the book. My only Christmas gift I'm gonna get this from God Himself. It's gonna be big. So I prayed on me I don't want to talk about because I'm praying for my but I want the book. I prayed hard for that book. I want the book. And the mean had the raffle raffle off the big book. I said surgeries that my mom has some little gray hair late 25 years from whence my book was due and one of my book I'm leaving for I get out or she comes up and gives me that book that's got my big book that really was only Christmas present I got that year and I took it home and I I used to say Harry remember when I used to he used to say I took a home and I read that book from cover to cover that night and when I said that I believed then I got involved in a big book study you wouldn't believe the chapters they got in that book. You're gonna champion but Chapter Two the wives Well, I wasn't a wife didn't have wife didn't want a wife didn't read that chapter. Then a chapter in the book, you know, chapter two the employer I'm not an employee didn't read that chapter chapter chapter to the agnostic I'm not agnostic. I know God real well. Well, if you just read you know chapter three and chapter five, you can read that book and it won't take that long. But the next day doesn't cause me taste invites me to know that I don't want to go I went last night where I gotta go tonight for I'm not gonna go I'm not gonna go he didn't ask. He just calls it a pickup for 20 minutes let's say that I'm not gonna go I'm only I'm gonna stand him either come here to pick me up. I'm leaving. My gonna be here. Standby. Now wait, man, you know take this true. He's gonna get talking to you in a if you don't go he will talk about you behind your back. You got to go to finish. So I'm going to mean everyday. Now I had I didn't have a sponsor and rocked any steps. The only change in my life is a meeting every day. Something different I not only feel good but I feel better and there's a difference between feeling good and feeling better you don't drink you will feel you're gonna feel everything a whole lot better you're gonna feel all the pain all the anger all the infill that she had a whole lot better so I'm looking around Reno feeling better going nuts going to one meeting a week going to these week I know I feel better but I feel good. I don't felt those two things at same time in years. And all of a sudden sobriety because I'm going to meetings the only change is a meeting every day started put on session bones I start having guys in a I start going to intergroup I'd go to an in group drink coffee talk to this guy don't like you know and it was and I was embarrassed I was excited to go to a certain put on flesh and bones a certain meet these guys get excited about it. And it was embarrassing down come pick me up. I'm driving in the car and I'm sitting in the passenger side like a little kid. Say da do you think we can go get ice cream tonight? We'll see. from Ghana, that airs week later, it was New Year's Eve. New Year's first New Year's Eve. And that was a terrible time for me. Christmas was pretty good. I got my big buck. I'm now intergroup being a service camera my main stag meeting that night Thursday night my main stag meeting. phone ring intergroup I'm being a service grabbed the phone. young kid named Glen Glen 17 wants to stay sober New Year's Eve. I said why? Plan Year 17 is New Year's Eve. Okay call tomorrow. Big day for us. Big down on New Year's Day. Big day for us. We're gonna grab that phone away from me you know that's already passed roof central office you have six months or more to answer the phone is big sign must have six months to answer the phone. So the next day, Don calls me and said Hey, Glen stayed sober last night. Let's go to meeting all that great. My first 12 Step call. So John comes gets me we're going on. I'm ready to learn how to cluster would pick up Glenn King Glenn at the state hospital right maybe but wait for Glenda. For Don to prepare Glenn Frey. He's not preparing. Glenn, he's just driving the car. Oh, hell, I got to do it all. I just got to do it all. So I start telling them all about when when you get their day, they're gonna give you a raffle ticket. Hang on that raffle ticket. raffle off a big Booker's Bill season. If God loves you, you'll win the book.

Reno John A 37:37

And when you get there, you won't believe this. That's the first meeting I've been to with women in the meeting. I didn't know that. I thought it's a man's deal. I've been in ministry out joint men stag mean that meeting with a state hospital women in the meeting. I changed my home group right there. So I still glad I said Glenn, we're gonna get to the meeting. You're gonna have women at the meeting. Honest to God women in the meeting. And I've been to several groups right here the group one night, they get the best. Okay, I'm telling you right now they got the best like a woman. And next week. Don't worry about Don, I'll bring you back here. We Okay, well, Don, Don just drove the car. Let's go to the meeting. We get to the meeting, we get a raffle ticket. Yeah, I don't want to talk about cuz I'm praying for Glenn. I thought man, if Glen can win the book, just win that book. God, just let Glenn win that book of Glencoe when that book that would be proof after I prepared Mike I have the God is working his life he'll stay sober forever. And not not that imagine if that happened, I would have 100% clubs that call success rate. I write articles in Grapevine had I have 100% roster costs, etc. So they mean they had raffle raffle was a big book. I prayed on me for Glenn when the book that I won the book downturn, Mr. shadowside. Yeah, sign up, gave it to Clint that we're gonna get his book. You know, he went sober today. Because I get in a book that's now, three that was important to me is that when I joined a that's when I became an I joined a when Don comes by, see a lot of times you'll hear these. Somebody see somebody in the meaning and they'll say, Hey, you remember Gary, what around to Gary? You know, that guy come around, or whatever happened to Gary. And some old timers say hey, listen, Gary knows where we are. If he wants it, let him come get it right. I'm glad Don didn't leave that stuff. I'm glad Don understood that the very first 12 Step call. Think about that. The first 12 Step call. It was the sober alcoholic that called the drunk one the other way around. Well, Watson was sober when he called Dr. Bob. Right. So sometimes you can say keep coming back. 90 minutes, 90 days. I never heard that. Summer wrapped up, somebody come pick us up and take us to me until we can hear what we can hear. And Don loved his program enough. I love being of service enough to come by and pick up a drunk who didn't really want to go didn't think didn't like him to begin with and take him to a meeting. You know, and it also taught me how God works. So whenever God works, it's a win win deal. Always two winners from God works. Two winners, the drunk runner receiving the drunk don't the sharing, you know, always two winners. I could have won the big book the first night there'd been one winner me. But the lady won by assuring me and I went by being received from her. We later two winners, I won by Sharon Glen Glen one by Ben received for me. God works through people. It's about working through people, he gets twice results for the same effort. Very efficient guy. It also taught me hack holics anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous is one drunk sharing with another. That's what A is, is one drunk sharing with another. When that happens, that's the magic dar deal. Yeah, this magic tricks. I've told that story. And a lot of you've heard 1000. I've talked a lot of times in 40 years. Every time I tell that story, I remember the moment my moment of clarity when I'm sitting there in that treatment center. I know the gig is up. I remember like it happened yesterday. I'm convinced that all of us are here sober tonight had that moment of clarity when you knew the gig was up. I'm also going to those that come to a for a while even after drinking and dying tonight, they had that moment of clarity. And they knew the gig was up. What happened? Why are we here? We're sober. They're at Reagan on Friday night. We both had that moment of clarity, which is God's miracle. What happened? I think what happens in macroeconomics really pretty simple. All we do in here is we keep that moment alive. Since I've shared my mom's view of what it's like and what happened and I'm keeping my moment alive by remembering it. By the way in this the perfect program for people whose root problem is their selfish self centered. What I'm on that side of the podium, one of y'all is up here and you're keeping your moment alive by sharing your experience of what is like what happened you're keeping your room I'm so self centered. What am I thinking about? My mom's career Do you know we keep that moment alive? And it only happens when one athlete shares another didn't have only shows your doctor record me be here. I got to hear about your moment. Psychic rumor my moment? You can't keep your mom live assurance is therapist

Reno John A 42:35

surface that need to hear about your moment. I got to hear about your mom, I'm gonna lose my moment. What happens when you lose your moment? You take drunk you know we keep that moment alive. It only happens when one alcoholic shares with another. So one on one deal. You know, and Bill Wilson set the stage for us when he went and made that first puff that call and that sober drunk called the alcoholic when the other way around. Okay, two questions out of the way

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Okay, all right, this room for

John M 43:09

till Sunday morning. Thank you very much, Reno, John. Now remember, folks, we don't want you to share your gossip. But we would love for you to share this episode with a friend or a family member. It may be just what they need today. So pause that device sure on, hit the share button and get it on over to that friend or family member. Now, we're gonna have, like I said, a follow up with Reno John next week, and you're gonna want to hear the follow up. It is absolutely fantastic. And one of these events can't go on without a lot of folks pitching in. And I listen, I'm going to recognize some folks here. But my guess is I'm missing somebody or didn't think of somebody. It's been a while I've slept since we actually did the recording. Or we actually did the event. And I'm sure that I'm missing somebody here. But in terms of volunteers and people that have that, that helped me with this. These people came to mind real quickly, and that is Cassandra, Sarah, Jason, John Shannon, Steve G. Katrina, Cindy, and Chip chip chip chip. And so I just want to say thank you to those folks. And also they're there. And I want to kind of give a shout out here to not kind I am gonna give a shout out to Emily. Emily, who has been on the podcast in the in the past actually flew in from St. Louis to be with us during the event. It was absolutely wonderful to see her. You know, I get to see a lot of these people via zoom or you know, recording technology or whatever, but I don't always get to see them face to face. And it was, it was so good to be able to give Emily a hug. And I'm so glad she was there. I also want to thank a grace Avenue United Methodist Church for opening up their, the church and providing us a venue to go in there. There were several people involved in this, but in particular, Preston, who was back there work in the AV boards. And then we had Carol, who was also helping that night, I really appreciate her helping out with the coffee and the coordination and all that sort of stuff. And then Laura, the senior pastor of the church, who was just gracious enough to, to coordinate this whole thing for us with all the personnel that we needed in the church. I really appreciate it. I also want to give a shout out to Marilyn B and Tony D. Once again, for playing that beautiful music. It was just fantastic. And then there is last but not least, Mr. Reno. John, thank you so much again, Reno. John, we appreciate Jeff. All right. Now, I know a little bit about listener feed back, Carlo. Right, Teddy says, Good morning, John. I am a huge fan of the server speak podcast. And I would love to be able to join your Facebook group. But I'm chatting Nicolay challenge. What how do I become part of the group? I want to be another Bozo on the bus. Anyway, a happy, happy and healthy, healthy, prosperous 2022 to you and yours. Well, as you know, Carlo, I just replied to you. And for those of you who can't figure out how to get in there, just write me a John J. O HN. S sober, speak calm. And there's a link in the signature of my email where you can just click on that and ask to be part of the group. And I know you're in there now, Carlo? So glad to see you. By the way. I you know, I was looking through oh gosh, I shouldn't do this on the fly. But I was looking through Facebook this week. There are so many comments, so many people in here. I would love to read everything this posted but we would be here a long, long time. But I did notice like okay, Cassandra goes in there. And what she will do is put a shout out in there to all the new members, as she puts their name and there's he says we're glad you're here. Any sort of comments you have. And there were, oh gosh, just tons of comments here on this one. Cory says my name is Cory. I'm an alcoholic by the grace of God. I've been sober since June 27 of 2021. I found the sober speak podcast while I was in jail. And I am so thankful for people like John M and other members of AA for helping drunks like myself. God bless you all. That is so cool. Cory.

John M 48:01

Gosh, you know, I mentioned this on an episode last weekend. I don't know what the parameters are within the jails around having things like sober speak available to them. But I boy I'm I hope that if you're if you're in jail, and you're listening to this and you can write us at John Jo HN is sober, speak calm. I would love to hear from you. I hope that you are enjoying this and that it is helping you and your sobriety. There was another one who wrote in here. Katie Rodin, as she said, my name is Katie. I've been grateful member of Al Anon since 2012 After I lost my brother to an accidental overdose. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and you have been listening to the silver speak podcast for about a year now. I recently lost a friend to alcohol. And in I am continuing to work my program is stay as healthy as I can. And I love the many alcoholics and addicts in my life the heart. Thanks for writing that, Katie. I appreciate you. Here's another one from Elizabeth Elizabeth throw it in, says morning. My name is Elizabeth. I'm an alcoholic. My sober date is May 10 2018. I found sober speak while working the front lines in New York City. And this program has saved my sanity. Many days. I'm grateful to have an outlet and quote a meeting between meetings. Oh, Elizabeth, thank you so much for writing in. I'm assuming you mean that the frontlines either I'm assuming you are working as a health care worker. But anyway, thank you so much for writing in and oh gosh, there's tongues here. Oh, Let me let me read another one here it says I found the cyber speak podcast back in Oh, this is from Amanda. I found the silver speak podcast in August when I searched for a on Spotify. It has helped me tremendously. My sobriety date is September 4 of 2020 very grateful for this group in a changing my life. And then she says a silver speaker shocking to me, I heard you shout out my name on a recent pod made me feel special. So well. Yeah, I guess you get to feel special again, if you're listening to do listen to feedback. Thank you so much, Amanda. A TJ writes in he says, Hi, I'm TJ I am and I am absolutely an alcoholic. My sobriety date is 662 1020. I found sober speech source shortly after getting sober and has been a tremendous help to me and my journey. Thanks for everything, uh, keep them coming. Well, DJ, I am going to keep them coming. And they are writing in Facebook is Sean writes in he says My name is Shawn and I'm an alcoholic and an addict. By sober date is June 24 2020. The Home Group my home group is baby step group in Gallup, North New Mexico. I ran across sober speak because John M. Spoke Oh, at a B S. G. Oh, baby step group. The speaker meeting, Elena was introduced to his podcast. Yes, I do remember that, Shawn. Thanks so much. Anyway, it goes on and on and on. And I'm not gonna read every one of them. But it's not just like things about people joining the group. There's all kinds of celebrations in here. I'm looking at all this birthday stuff and people, a lot of people lay out their souls in the group here. There's another gentleman here, a derrick. I see him in here talking about his

John M 52:07

his trip to Dr. Bob's house up in Akron, Ohio. And anyway, just goes on and on and on. But nonetheless, thanks, everybody for posting and being active in that group. appreciate y'all. Alright, now back to the traditional if you want to call it listener feedback, Tracy writes in and she says Hi, John. I just found your podcast and I liked it. Well, thank you, Tracy. She said my name is Tracy H and I am an alcoholic from Bakersfield, California. My sobriety date is October 29 2015. That's six years she says I'm on the road a lot. And I listen while I'm driving. I've only heard about five or six podcasts so far so far. And each one has been delightful. Keep up the good work. Tracy. Thank you Tracy and I'm glad we can be part of your journey while you are driving around doing your work. Phil writes in and he says Good day John M. I am in Nashville, North Carolina by way of Athens, Georgia. He says my HomeGroup is located there which is the new freedom group I have been a member there for 13 years also I helped a friend starts a see a group cocaine anonymous group which utilizes an A format I never was much of a cokehead myself but outside but I outside issues are a big part of my story. I happened across sober speak while searching for speakers to listen to and I love the way you interview your guests and your enthusiasm for recovery. While all your interviews take recovery to a deeper level, I especially enjoy Gary K and joe mix MCSE insight into the steps. Our see a group has a Saturday night speaker meeting. And I would be grateful to get your list of available speakers for this purpose. Thank you, John M sending you God's love. And as you know, I replied to you Mr. Phil and sent you the list of speakers and just in case you are new to the pod here. What he is talking about is that I have a list of people that have been on the podcast before and they have gratefully granted their permission for me to share their email address for folks who are looking for either speakers at their conference or their group or something like that, or if they need a zoom, Speaker meeting. Guest and so anyway, I sent that over. If you're out there and you want that just email Tommy John Jo hN s sober, speak calm. Murray writes in his she says, Hello, John. I live in Fort Myers, Florida and I've been in for two years now. I was in Memphis for five years before here and overseas before them. I have been sober since December 11 of 1994. I have a sponsor who has a sponsor, and I sponsor women who sponsor I love a and God. Yay. She says I was looking for Gary K. And it brought me to your website will good. She says I'm so excited. I heard him this morning. Oh, my goodness, what a service you are doing. This is my meeting between meetings. She says you have speakers and speakers and I am so excited to listen to them. I am not in Facebook or Instagram. But I saw that you have a podcast too. Yes. I love the web website. We'll be visiting this quote meeting again. That is for certain, with deep gratitude, Marie T will Marie tea from Fort Myers, Florida. Thank you for listening in. appreciate ya.

John M 56:22

Finally, Van writes in advance says Hi, John. My name is Van and I am a common sufferer from New Orleans. And I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. Bringing us this podcast. I been listening to sober speak for a few years now. I recently celebrated 25 years. And I've attached a short note that I wrote to folks who were new to this way of life, I thought you may enjoy it. Keep doing what you're doing, and know that your podcast is playing a small part and changing people's lives. As a side note, I'm personal friends with David G. Matthew M, Bill C. And I'd like it noted in the record that I've kept these beautiful humans sober on their numerous trips to New Orleans. Much love van will duly noted there, Mr. Van. I really do appreciate you. Okay, so now I have got to find I'm sorry, I should be set up for this. Oh, here is the letter that van wrote to newcomers. And I just wanted to read this on the air. And it says 816 96, which I'm assuming is his sobriety date from 25 years ago. And he says 25 years ago, everything changed for me. And when I say everything, I mean everything I felt that was broken beyond the point of being helped. And once again, this is coming out to newcomers. So listen to this, my world had gotten so small and dark, the suicide felt like the only viable solution. I'm not even sure why at the end of the road for me, I made a quick decision to ask for help. And when I took what seem like so small of an action on a problem of biblical proportions, everything changed. The entire trajectory of my life changed on that day, 25 years ago, my heart was to explode with Greta, with gratitude when I think of the gifts I've received over the past quarter of century of living a life in recovery. So with the rear view mirror of experience, I'd like to say a few things to the folks who are new to this way of life. If you're new to recovery or coming back from a relapse welcome. If you've arrived here pushing a wheelbarrow full of judgment, cynicism, and atheism, I especially want to welcome you. And speaking from experience, I want to tell you, it will be much easier to move forward here. If you leave the wheelbarrow behind. Believe me, I push it as far as I could, until it became too much. Whatever you think your recovery is, you're probably wrong. I certainly was. And you're seriously under estimating the people who have been here a while they have gifts for you that you don't even know that you need some of the gifts they possess or kindness, understanding, compassion and empathy and last but not least, experiencing getting and staying sober. And I know that if you are new here, you are desperate to receive those gifts and you probably don't even know you need them. We are excited that you are here. And our strength lies in the fact that we absolutely understand that you may not be excited to be here. So if you recently arrived in recovery, feeling overwhelmed and hurting, welcome, you are the only reason we are here. And we believe in you right now. You can do this. Let us help you. Love is our currency, and we spend it abundantly. I like that. Let me read that again. Love is our currency. And we spend it abundantly, abundantly. be uncomfortable, be inconvenienced, and then dream big. Thank you for my life. Van. Thank you so much van from Nolan's we really appreciate you right now. And if you're a newcomer, once again, really the same did anybody but I like the van rota for the newcomer. And we have a special guests who just came into the room. And she's looking at me and kind of rolling her eyes.

John M 1:01:21

Can you come here and just say hi, for a moment, please? Oh, that's the lovely Mrs. M. and Mrs. M, what are you doing right now you are the rest of the Christmas stuff. And she is putting her way the rest of the Christmas stuff in the guest closet just in case you couldn't hear that. And she is busy at work. And I can tell you from room you know, they always say the first step of organization is disorganization. Well, that's what's going on right now. She's pulling off. Well, I know. It looks great. I'm just saying but you had to get disorganized. To get organized. She pulled all this stuff out of the studio, a closet here. And now it is going back in there. By the way. She heard me earlier starting to do my introduction and you know how I say things like get a contribution known. She goes, You pronounce a contribution, John. Like I know, I know. That's how you pronounce it. I'm just having a little fun here, you know. All right. So anyway, that's another one. We have another week in the books. Keep coming back. It works in you work. It works if you work it. May God bless you and keep you until then. Can you say Goodbye, Mrs. M. Your eye everybody and we take this one week at a time and we may see you next week. God bless you. And love y'all. Bye bye now.

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