1. To Edit the Sober Speak site, first log into Wix.

2. Next Click Edit Site in the lower left corner, under Upgrade.

3. Click on the table (list of episodes). You will see a menu appear.

4. Next, the edit page for the table will appear.  On this page, click Duplicate.

5. After you duplicate the site, open the "Copy of Episode".  Edit the fields for the new episode. Copy and paste the Title from Podbean and the URL from Podbean. The top field is for the Episode number, the next is the URL, next is the Episode title, and the last is the url, again.

6. WIth your mouse, grab the dots on the left of the Episode name and drag it to the top of the list.I'm a paragraph.

7. Close out the table (it saves as you make changes). Then click Publish in the upper right corner.

The new Episode is now published onto the site.

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